Who We Are

Frontier Swiss is a competitive producer of the highest quality, precision screw machine parts. Our state-of-the-art facility, sophisticated quality department, and highly skilled machinists allow us to produce precision machined parts with exceptional accuracy rand timely delivery. Our contract manufacturing services provide a fully integarated solution from concept, design, prototype, to full scale production.

Frontier Swiss
91 East 780 South, Provo, UT 84606
Phone: 801.400.1717 (Main Office)
Fax: 801.770.2773
Email: sales@frontierswiss.com

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Long Parts

These parts have a very high length to diameter ratio.

This is a long medical part that required C-axis milling to produce the auger tip. (figure F)

Here is a long, thin part with a 12 tooth gear milled into the end. (figure G)
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Complete Machining

All of these parts were built complete on our machines without any second operations. Nearly everything we make is complete when it comes off the machine.

This part shows a square stock with a cross-tapped pipe thread. (figure H)

This part has an ID hex that was broached on our machine. (figure I)